For close to a decade, C'est Tro Bo Photo inc. has served as a window opening out to the creative world of Sébastien Albert's photography. We specialize in capturing beautiful landscapes and city panoramas suitable for a wide range of uses, priding ourselves in offering top-quality products to our clients... without exception.

Whether you seek our photographic expertise for specific assignments on commission, as interior accents for private or commercial use, Web design or marketing - or maybe you are simply looking for that perfect gift - no request is too much to handle. And, there is no such thing as too-small an order!

We offer everything from:
  • High Quality Limited and Unlimited Edition Colour Prints
  • Archival Quality Limited and Unlimited Edition B&W Prints
  • Various Sizes of Fine Art Giclée Prints on Canvas
  • Multiple-Resolution Digital Images (adaptable to every use)
  • A Fully Customized Framing Service

Furthermore, Sébastien Albert's keen photographic eye may be engaged for various works on a commission basis. All proposals will be carefully considered, so if you have an interesting idea, please feel free to contact us. Ours is a special touch that can add an element of class to any setting.

Trobophoto believes that clear communication and respect for clients' budgets and time frames are vital to every successful transaction. So wait no longer: Get in touch, and let us fulfil your photographic needs.

Sébastien Albert

Originally from Northern Ontario in Canada, Sébastien Albert spends his youth in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. While attending a visual arts program at school, a teacher opens him up to the marvellous world of photography. The basics now in hand, and craving further knowledge in the field, the young photographer turns his sights to a wider world, using it both as a guide of inspiration and a classroom.

In 1996, he adopts Canada’s Coast Mountains as his home base, and for two years, devotes his time to snowboarding and sharpening his photographic skills in Whistler, B.C. During those years, the concept of Trobophoto is born: “Whenever I find myself amidst beautiful landscapes, I simply MUST capture them on film to share them with others!”

Unconditional lover of the mountain lifestyle, Sébastien heads off to the Swiss Alps and decides to make Verbier his home after being seduced by its spectacular beauty. At first spending only his winters there, he travels the rest of the year, discovering South America, Australia and a good part of Europe.

Over the years, Sébastien Albert’s work and the beauty of Verbier’s region have become synonymous. Since 2003, he has focussed his energy in developing a multitude of “souvenir” products for Verbier’s diverse clientele. With such items as limited edition archive quality prints and personalized greeting cards, his PhotoVerbier merchandise has become an undeniable asset to the market!

In the future, Sébastien plans to broaden his scope as a freelance agent, lending his photographic eye to the world of reportage and pursuing his life-long quest of exploring our magnificent planet to share its beauty with the rest of the world!